Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004

Four Ax In A Bog?

I find it a criminal injustice that The Tick live-action show, the very existance of which confounded me, is available on DVD but the brilliant animated series is not (Yeah, you can get it through ‘unoffical’ channels, but this is more about principle). Running on Saturday mornings in the early 90s (remember Saturday morning cartoons?), the cartoon was truly a worthy heir to the dearly missed comic books. Sure, New England Comics kept publishing Tick-related books after the original series ended, but without creator Ben Edlund at the helm, it just wasn’t the same. The cartoon though… Truly one of the funniest shows in recent years. A cast of characters the likes of which the world has never seen… The Civic-Minded Five. Speak. Bi-Polar Bear. The Decency Squad. And the rogues gallery! The Angry Red Herring! El Seed! Multiple Santa! Thrakazog (Click it! Click it!)! Man, good times. I miss The Tick.

Expect Pixies reunion tour dates to be announced any day now. Well well well. I wonder what size of a venue they’d play? They’d sell out the 2000-capacity Kool Haus in a heartbeat. Maybe the Ricoh Collisseum, which can go from 3500 to 10000+ seats would be a fit? Pixies = arena rockers? Who’d have thunk it.

The new Doves disc, originally slated for an early March release, has been pushed back indefinitely.

Umbrella Music has a list of ten albums they overlooked last year. Just one month into 2004, I have my own list of stuff that came out last year that I totally overlooked, but am really enjoying now. On this list:

  • Centro-MaticLove You Just The Same

  • Saturday Looks Good To Me / All Your Summer Songs

  • The Decemberists / Her Majesty

  • Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks / Pig Lib

    It seems I tend to spend the first part of the year catching up on everything I missed the previous year. What can you do.

    It’s Mountain Goats day over at Largehearted Boy. Downloads a-plenty.

    I think it’s time I got my other three wisdom teeth yanked. This does not fill me with great joy.

    np – The Wrens / The Meadowlands

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    1. information leafblower says:


    2. david says:

      I’ve started overlooking albums already this year, notably the new Camera Obscura.

    3. Paul says:

      Eh, keep looking. That Camera Obscura album is a snoozefest.

    4. Five Seventeen says:

      I love the Camera Obscura, very nice, but yeah, it’s bedroom music

    5. Ryan Waddell says:

      The only thing I liked about the Tick live action show was Patrick Warburton. Something about that guy just tickles my funny bone every time I hear him speak.