Monday, February 16th, 2004

Charlotte With Robots

I re-watched my favorite film of 2003, Lost In Translation, on DVD last night. I was curious how it would hold up in a second viewing and the answer is ‘pretty well’. It seemed a lot shorter than when I saw it in the theatre – somehow, the slow pacing seemed a lot more pronounced on the big screen. I did a double take when the DVD reached the Santori commercial shoot and the time counter on the player hadn’t even hit the 10-minute mark. I was also better able to appreciate the depth and nuance of Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson’s perfomances – they were both truly marvelous. While the DVD doesn’t have a director’s commentary, the making of featurette and interview with Murray and Coppola do a pretty good job of giving you and idea of what it was like behind the scenes. The deleted scenes are nice too, particularly Anna Farris’ extended airhead press conference for Midnight Velocity. If the film does well at the Oscars, I expect there’ll be another DVD release before two long with all the real goodies.

As a follow-up to the little Pavement SM vs SS debate last week, I went and got some Preston School Of Industry mp3s and you know what? I like it. It sounds more raucous like old-school Pavement, and not all laid-back and languid like Stephen Malkmus’ solo stuff. I’m now looking forward to the PSOI show at the ‘Shoe April 1.

FYI – I’ve now ‘affiliated’ my site with, an online music dealer out of New York City associated with, home of some great concert photography. They carry a small but very choice selection of CDs at pretty good prices and $5 shipping for any size order anywhere in the world? You can’t beat that with a stick. Periodically they offer promotions or deals on new releases that I might pass on the word about, mostly depending on my personal interest level in the promo. What’s in it for you? Maybe you’ll find something you’re looking for at a good price. What’s in it for me? Hookers and blow, my friends. Hookers and blow.

On a semi-related site news note, I’ve finally redone my links page to actually reflect some of the more well-travelled locales in my bookmarks. They’re even categorized. Who says I don’t do anything for you?

Alex Rodriguez to the Yankees? Words. Cannot. Describe. How much I HATE. The American League East. They really can’t. Someone move my Jays into the NL already.

Have you seen the commercial for an ‘erectile dysfunction’ drug called Cialis? There’s nothing remarkable about the spot itself, but check out this warning tacked onto the list of side effects.. “Erections lasting more than four hours require immediate medial attention”. I think that’s pretty good advice whether you’re on the medication or not. Or find yourself a hooker.

Hrmm, that’s a lot of hooker references for one post.

np – Calexico / Feast Of Wire

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  1. sam says:

    hey, frank

    i couldn’t get an email address for you so here i am — i visited mymusic thanks to your link. they seem to have most of what i’m looking so i was wondering if you could tell me what you think of their service.

  2. Frank says:

    Mymusic gets a thumbs up from me for service. Their availability listings are usually pretty accurate, so you have an idea of how long things’ll take to arrive. Prices are good, particularly in indie stuff, and shipping is reasonable. They’ve always responded promptly to inquiries. I don’t know if they still include a couple pieces of Dubble Bubble with each order, though. They used to have lots of coupons/discounts circulating, not so much lately.

  3. sam says:

    i think i read about the gum thing in their faq today.

    and i couldn’t be happier about those indie albums. i’ve been trying to find some indie sources up here in canada and so far mymusic got my adrenalin going.


  4. Chris says:

    What’s the deal behind the lack of Scarlette Johannsen in the DVD extras? Most were filmed in parallel with the feature, so it’s not like she was unavailable. Was there a falling-out on the set? What’s the scoop?!?!

  5. omit says:

    It’s true–Spiral definitely lended to the original Pavement sound–it wasn’t all Malk. He added the grungy tone and wasn’t afraid of power chords. You can tell Malk started dominating on "Brighten the Corners", well, maybe even "CR CR".

    Now if only Spiral had stage presence, could sing in tune and could write witty lyrics…

  6. Frank says:

    I was wondering the same thing about Scarlett Johansson’s absence on any of the bonus features on the DVD. I can only guess that she’s not on the making of because they were only really talking to Coppola and the crew, not even Bill Murray, and the little Murray/Coppola featurette was done well after shooting in… Rome, was it? Johansson was probably off doing something else.

    I dunno. I wish they’d given the DVD the deluxe treatment right out of the gates.

  7. dave says:

    I picked up the new PSOI today, and like it a lot more than their fiorst release. This one exudes the joy that early pavement had.

    Damn the Yankees… that deal ruined my whole weekend (I’m a Phillies fan first, but a BoSox fan second). Damn, damn, damn…

  8. says:

    i dunno about that truthflies website.

  9. Frank says:

    I don’t wanna hear no whining from the Bosox camp – you guys are just as bad as the Yankees. You’re just less successful with you extravagant spending. The Jays could have easily contended for the penant in the AL Central last year. I think Toronto is pretty central, don’t you? I’m starting a petition…

    And I have no ill words to say about Philly. Mitch Williams will always hold a special place in my heart.

  10. Pete says:

    The dvd extras was just as boring as the movie, and seeing Sofia Coppla work, well I can see where the movie’s movement and "emotion" comes from…I don’t get why everyone liked this movie so much…this movie belongs to the Cumberland crowd as well as all this critics who bore me with their stupid and uniformative reviews.

  11. Frank says:

    hmm, "Cumberland crowd" – is that meant to be a negative thing?

    This argument is going on on a couple message boards I frequent. I don’t really understand why people who didn’t like the film can’t just leave it at "I didn’t like it". They have to follow up with the opinion that it was stupid or pretentious and imply that people who liked it are the same.

    Too each their own. No need to be nasty about it.