Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

"Titanic Sinks Every Night"

The above is one of the ads that the Bally’s casino is running in their big pixelboard. I thought it was fascinating.

Okay, so I figured I should make at least ONE post from Sin City, so this is it. And it’ll be brief because internet access costs by the minute and this keyboard is kinda sticky. Yeah. Don’t ask.

I have been stuck on east coast time the whole while so don’t expect to hear crazy stories about being here – I’ve been wiped out by like 10:00 local time, so… yeah. LAME. But anyway, this place is fascinating. I’ll post a full writeup after I get home. Which should be late tomorrow. But sufficed to say I’ve at least had a good time and a relaxing time. And yes, I’ve lost money gambling like every good tourist should.

I am heading back out onto the Strip now, going to brave the gauntlet of guys handing out handbills and catalogs (yes, catalogs) of hookers. What a place.

Hey look, a blackjack table…

np – Vegas, baby.

By : Frank Yang at 5:08 pm
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