Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate

Probably one of the worst-kept secrets in indie rock lately is that Matador will be releasing a new record from legends Mission Of Burma in May, 2004. Roger Miller, Clint Conley and Peter Prescott have been recording their first new record in 22 years in Boston with Bob Weston. Expect extensive touring to support. This is a GOOD thing, yes it is. Full news release from Matador here.

Glasgow’s Franz Ferdinand was brought to my attention by Sean from House Of Hotsauce. They’re pretty interesting in that de rigeur angular post-punk new-wave sort of way that the kids are all gonzo over these days. He’s got some live mp3s on offer on his website, about halfway down on the left, or grab “Darts of Pleasure” from their website here. Why is this relevant? They make their Toronto debut February 23rd at the Horseshoe, $10. That’s why.

Pitchfork’s review of The Essential Bruce Springsteen functions as much as an album-by-album capsule history of The Boss as it does album assessment. I definitely still qualify as a newbie to his work, and it’ll take me a while yet to absorb all the material. I too wish that “I’m On Fire” had made the cut. I had no idea he wrote “Hungry Heart”. I thought that was Loverboy for some reason.

24 is back from holiday hiatus! Huzzah! This is more like it. Eurotrash arms dealers, Jack pleading for his life (“I can’t die! I can’t die! Out here in the woods! Like a dumb animal! I can’t die! Look in your heart!”) and the return of everyone’s second-favorite femme fatale turncoat she-devil, Nina (Number one being that lesbian assassin near and dear to our hearts, Mandy Mandy Mandy). Methinks the producers felt the rumblings from the faithful about the relative lameness of recent storylines and decided to give the people what they want – namely, Nina. Otherwise, still not feeling the Palmer storyline – ooh, powerful wheelchair-bound shadow cabinet wants him to fire his brother! Yawn. Double yawn for marital strife between the first couple of CTU.

Trying to use a little mind over matter to fight off the cold weather, popping one of the summeriest albums of recent years in the discman. Doesn’t work.

np – Luna / Romantica

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  1. Five Seventeen says:

    I’m still liking Chloe more and more these days. Her weirdness is developing into full-blown snarkiness mixed with sarcasm. And if 24 *is* listening to their fans… lose the vest!!

    I keep e-mailing Frank altered .jpgs of the cast, thinking Frank will have lovely pictures to post, but he’s keeping them. Sigh. Next week, I may just end up sending him a carefully doctored photo of him and Mia Kirshner…

  2. Frank says:

    Was Chloe even in this episode? Or are you just making up episodes in your head now?

    Me and Mia Kirshner? Yeah, I’d like to see that.

    Really, I would.

  3. Five Seventeen says:

    Yeah, Kim was whinging to her about Chase. "Have you done ths, have you done that? blah, blah."

    Chloe responds: "Oh really, I hadn’t thought of that! I’ll get right on it." A brilliant moment. truly.

  4. rob says:

    Bruce originally wrote "hungry heart" after meeting Joey Ramone. Joey supposedly asked Bruce to write him a song, but when Bruce showed the completed song to Jon Landau, Landau advised him to keep it for himself.

  5. Pete says:

    The only thing that seemed interesting about last night’s EP was Jack’s involvement with the Salazar’s and Nina, everything else was just background noise….Palmer’s character was better off dying or becoming inactive, cause they just got nothing for him this season, his angle totally is not working at all, and everyone else at CTU falling all over themselves isn’t helping either…come on, lets get the intense factor back cause it simply isn’t there, and yet I still continue to watch.

  6. sam says:

    palmer is not the man he was 3 years ago. but last night he started showing his true colors when he refused to fire wayne. at least this storyline is better than anne’s ex-husband.

    and i laughed out loud when chloe kinda took kim for the annoying dumbass that she’s become :)

    if we get more episodes like this i think we’re back on track.

  7. Pete says:

    The stupidity of this amazes me that I stayed home to watch when I coulda been at my nephew’s hockey game in Newmarket and watch their team win joyfully 10-0 against a team I didn’t think they would beat, that woulda been a more entertaining night, but I hate to be behind too, so I have to keep up…drat!!

  8. Sean says:

    Franz Ferdinand will OWN your asses.

    Well, provided the typical hands in pockets, too cool for school Toronto crowds don’t show up.