Thursday, January 15th, 2004

Steadier Footing

Boots. Boots make all the difference. Swung by my brother’s place to pick up my winter boots in the middle of a lovely winter storm, and damn do treads help. The Docs are still fine for summer, but treacherous for the winter – the boots, while not as comfortable, are grabbier, warmer and drier. And traction. Oh the traction.

Metacritic certainly takes year-end lists seriously. Consider this the be-all, end-all mother of all year-end lists for music and film. Now let’s put 2003 to bed once and for all and eyes front to the future.

Now that the Pixies reunion appears to be all official and confirmed, I’m a little surprised at the raging indifference that the news is being met with. Granted, a single show at Coachella could end up being a massive cash-grab one-off, of no real consequence to fans who can’t make it to the festival. Or it could be that everyone blew their Pixies load when the false rumours circulated last Fall, and now no one cares.

The Toronto winter concert season is ramping up. Recently announced, and of varying interest to varying people:

The Autumn Defence (John Stirratt from Wilco) – Feb 10 @ The Horseshoe

Stars – Feb 13 @ Studio 99

The High Llamas – Feb 25 @ Lee’s Palace

Elefant – Feb 28 @ Lee’s Palace

The Walkmen – Mar 3 @ The Horseshoe

Liars – Mar 7 @ Lee’s Palace

Britney Spears – Apr 3 @ Air Canada Centre

Everyone is giving Bob Mould props for his blog, as well they should. More rock legends should blog.

The 2004 NAMM show kicks off today in Anaheim. NAMM is the musical instrument industry trade show where manfacturers roll out the new toys they’re bringing to market over the next 12 months. I got to attend in 1999, and it’s a big gear orgy perfect for whipping gear sluts like myself into a frenzy. I’ll be hitting ‘refresh’ on Harmony Central’s NAMM 04 page all weekend, believe you me.

np – Ted Leo & The Pharmacists / The Tyranny Of Distance

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  1. Paul says:

    If I can actually get it finished in the near future, my 2003 list will be published to little or no hoopla. As usual, I’m a living, breathing anti-climax.