Thursday, January 29th, 2004

Spectacular Views

Yesterday I woke up to mountains and palm trees. Today it’s slush and three feet of snow. Still, it’s good to be home.

I don’t fly much, so it’s all still pretty novel for me. Heading down, I was lucky enough to have clear skies all the way down, and was able to bask in the majesty of the American west. Seeing the Rockies give way to the deserts, canyons and gorges of Colorado, Utah and Nevada were something else. That is some amazing topography. Then, on the way home flying up from Dallas, I got to see America at night – the lights of each metropolitan area clustered like little galaxies in the darkness. St. Louis was particularly impressive, though I couldn’t make out the arch. Not a big fan of the recycled air in planes, or the noise, but you can’t beat the view.

I am still gathering my head together, so I’ll talk about the trip itself tomorrow. I also have a shitload of email to wade through. For now, here’s a smattering of the news I’ve been missing out on while away:

Leroy Bach (keys, guitars, mult-instrumentalist) has left Wilco as of the completion of the new record, full details about which should be made available in the next few days. That band certainly has problems with multi-instrumentalists.

I go away for a few days and Largehearted Boy redesigns, complete with a LOGO. I need a logo. And he consolidates all the links to downloads I regularly steal into an easy-to-read format (Daily Downloads).

Luna’s new long-player is tenatively titled Rendezvous and should be out in late Spring or early Summer on JetSet.

NOW shoots the shit with Mark Kozelek, in town tomorrow night at the Horseshoe.

New Magnetic Fields album on May 4. Title is i.

Air at the Kool Haus April 17.

Sarah Harmer plays the Winter Garden Theatre April 26 and 27.

Bob Dylan plays the Ricoh Colliseum March 19. The man certainly is getting a lot of mileage out of Love And Theft.

God, I can’t help but feel totally out of the loop. So much to catch up on. Like did you know the Beatles broke up? Damn.

np – Metric / Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

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