Saturday, January 10th, 2004

No Poetry

Stereogum has graciously compiled a list of things that are in and out for 2004. For the aspiring hipster.

We have really taken to Centro-Matic, who have a bunch of mp3s available for sampling on their music page.

Neatness – Adult Head is a book of poetry by Jeff Tweedy, due out in March. I’m not generally a big poetry guy, but I liked Joe Pernice’s Two Blind Pigeons a lot. I would imagine Jeff is in the same league, verse-wise, as Joe, so this should be a good read. Follow the link above for some sample poems. From Donewaiting.

The DVD for Kill Bill Vol 1 will be coming out the Tuesday (April 13) before Vol 2 hits theatres (April 16). You read that right – no longer a February release, it’s now April. I don’t think I’ll need to see it again to remind myself of the plot… Uma gets sword, kills lots of people. Yeah. Five will get you six that there’ll be a nice DVD package of both volumes in time for Christmas, so patience is recommended.

Speaking of swords – Who would win between a medieval knight and a feudal samurai? Someone finally tackles that age-old question.

np – various artists / Beyond Nashville: The Twisted Heart Of Country Music

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