Monday, January 12th, 2004

Five Feet High And Rising

I’d always thought to myself – in jest, of course – that if I ever had a flood, that’d be the perfect blog entry title. Which just goes to show – be careful what you ask for.

As I cryptically alluded to yesterday, a pipe burst and flooded my apartment, and I had a bad day. At its worst, there was about two to three inches of water absolutely everywhere in my apartment. Every square inch was submurged, it was awful. Like Waterworld awful. It took a good number of frantic phone calls to get the stand-in property manager (the regular property manager having just gone on vacation to Mexico on Saturday, natch) to send in a plumber, I ended up with quite a collection of people milling about my apartment trying to help. We finally did get the water main shut off and the pipe repaired, but still had several hours of bailing water out with wet vacs, mops, buckets and dustpans. A couple sump pumps were called into action but neither wanted to work, so we had to do it the hard way. Thank God for my brother and his girlfriend for coming to help – the wet vac cavalry, so to speak. So now I sit here with a mostly dry if not clean apartment, save the bedroom – which is still damp (it’s the only carpeted room). I expect we’ll need to tear the carpet out and replace it before the mould starts up. I’m just happy that none of my stuff was permenantly damaged – I’m reporting this to my insurance company today anyway, though. Just in case.

As it stands, I am more exhausted today than I’ve ever been in recent memory, and my back HURTS. I’m barely able to function.

The New York Times tackles this strange new phenomenon called ‘blogging’. Well, teen blogging. I cannot imagine what high school would have been like if we were as wired then as we are now. From Stereogum.

A photographic tour of the world of the Replacements. From Traveler’s Diagram.

Tiny Mix Tapes has finally returned from their extended holiday hiatus. Huzzah.

British Sea Power and their foliage come back to the Horseshoe for a show March 8th.

Got an abandoned brewery you don’t know what to do with? Turn it into the biggest pot-growing operation anyone’s ever seen. Seriously, this boggles the mind.

np – Matthew Sweet / Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu

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  1. sam says:

    how the hell none of your stuff was touched is either a mystery or you’re one anal-retentive geek who keeps his stuff locked up.

    you’re one lucky bastard.

  2. Frank says:

    Lucky? I didn’t feel particularly lucky yesterday, but I suppose I was, all things considered.

    I just don’t keep anything on the floor – everything is on shelves or tables. I had to move some papers and my computer stuff to higher ground, but otherwise 2-3 inches of water was of no threat.

    This is not meant to debate the fact that I’m an anal-retentive geek. I am.

  3. Garry says:

    My aunt’s place had a flood in their basement and practically everything was ruinined. Be fortunate, Frank.

    And you said you were gonna take pics of your apartment….chop-chop. :)

    Hope everything else is going well for you, man.