Friday, January 23rd, 2004

Dots And Loops

Cheers to Jeff Birgbauer for finally setting up worthy websites in honour of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. They’ve been woefully underrepresented on the web for far too long. And to kick things off, he’s got details on the long-rumoured MBV box set.

The eye music critics poll gathers lists and commentary on the year that was from a wide range of Canadian music writers. The lists aren’t so interesting, but the short cuts make good reading.

The Canadian Music Week conference and festival will be taking place between March 3 and 6 of this year in Toronto and the festivities will include the 4th Annual Canadian Independent Music Awards, or “Indies” for short. Voting is open to the hoi polloi, starts January 26 and runs till the 15th of February. Yeah, awards by their very nature are pointless, but there’s a bunch of deserving artists up for consideration and they’re worth your time to support.

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown! From Chachacha.

Subpop takes a good-natured shot at Pitchfork. From LHB.

Gary sent me this link to MusicPlasma, which aspires to be a visually stimulating “If you like this artist, you might like these artists” guide. It’s neat, but I’m assuming their database is still being populated – no other way to explain why Ivy has a galaxy of decent recommendations while Wilco nets you… David Wilcox. Do the bearcat indeed.

Ryan Adams fell off a stage and apparently broke his wrist during a show in Liverpool last night. Witnesses say they say Jim DeRogatis fleeing the venue shortly afterwards, twirling his moustache evilly.

A couple new Toronto shows of interest have been announced: Stereolab will be at the Phoenix on April 10 with Clearlake as support. Tickets are $20 and this is an early show – 6pm. Also, The Delgados continue to tour Hate and will be at Lee’s Palace with Malcolm Middleton of Arab Strap and Sluts Of Trust on March 22. $15 gets you in the doors. Tickets for both shows on sale next Thursday.

A bit of a personal aside now – A close friend of mine was in a car crash Wednesday night, and is in intensive care in pretty rough shape. It’s been heavy, to say the least. Initial reports were pretty dire, but recent info has been a little more encouraging. I don’t want to get into some sappy homily about the fragility of life and all that, but if anyone’s inclined to go and hug someone they care about… I sure wouldn’t say it’s a bad idea.

np – Cracker / Kerosene Hat

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  1. Gary says:

    Frank — you left off a step with the Music Plasma site… once you do a search for Wilco, it gives you two possible matches: Wilco *OR* David Wilcox. Then you click one of them and it generates the chart.

    I agree that it was a bit confusing. Also, clicking any band once the chart has been generated will regenerate the chart wtih that band as the new "hub".

  2. boss says:

    I hope for your friend. sorry for my bad english. I’m italian, but i go to your site every day. Boss

  3. Eva says:

    Musicplasma says I should spend more time listening to Beck and Modest Mouse, and that’s what real people have been telling me too, so it must be right.