Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

Young Pilgrims

Because everyone else on the internet has posted it and I am but a sheep – Pictures of rock stars as children. Lars Ulrich looks like a GIRL!

Yet another Ypersound redesign, this one championing the much-maligned iframe tag. I think I’ve had this design for almost half a year now – maybe more. That’s some kind of record. I have a new design percolating in my brain, but it’s not ready to roll out yet.

Guaranteed NOT to be the top story on FOX News tonight – Saddam Hussein was captured by Kurds, drugged, and left for the US forces to find.

An unofficial Muppet field guide.

It’s pretty quiet in blog-land. Holiday lull or some such nonsense. However, it’s still pretty busy in work-land. Today, anyway. I’m still at work through tomorrow at noon. Then next week I’m in Monday, Tuesday and half-Wendesday.

np – The Shins / Chutes Too Narrow

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