Monday, December 15th, 2003

When I Paint My Masterpiece

Unleash your inner abstractionist at Mr Picassohead. Don’t pay my doodle too much heed – it doesn’t represent anything except my inner turmoil and despair.

The Largehearted Boy has links to mp3s-aplenty today. Live Suede from Toronto and Jools Holland circa 1995 (when they were still good), a smattering of unreleased Radiohead stuff and some live Ryan Adams.

After years, going on decades, of hearsay and speculation, rumours about the production of a Watchmen movie have been ramping up and getting louder lately. Once considered unfilmable (and who knows, maybe it still is), there seems to be a definite move to commit what’s regarded by many as the finest comic book ever written to celluloid. This is the latest tidbit to surface, in regards to the script:

“I have it in my hand now, it’s written by David Hayter and is a third draft written back in July of this year. I’m not sure of any other names in the production, other than the person I know. However if I remember correctly the reason the movie wasn’t made was someone higher wasn’t confident in the director which I was told may have been Hayter himself. Although the guy I know was a bit vague about that so I may be wrong. Also in the script, the alien teleporting thing is replaced with a solar beam weapon that vapourises everyone. Its pretty cool. Hope that helped.”

Hayter, by the way, is the guy who wrote the X-Men scripts as well as providing the voice for Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid video games. Truly a geek renaissance man. One of the other rumours I’ve heard has John Cusack being cast as Nite Owl. That would be… interesting. From Comic Book Resources.

I think it’s time to say ‘fuck you’ to Rogers (cable internet assholes). After making me wait around Sunday for the repairman to show up, they got me back online for a solid 12 hours before it went tits up again. So now I get to wait around Tuesday night for another repairman. Then the very next time Rogers even so much as hiccups, I’m calling Sympatico and switching. As they said in ancient Egypt, “Fuck this shit”.

UPDATE: Spider-Man 2 trailer. Ah-huh-huh-huh. From Stereogum.

np – Jeff Tweedy / Live At The Vic – January 9, 2003

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  1. Victor Ng says:

    see? cable sucks.

    i told you so.

  2. graig says:

    Earlier this year, Space:The Imagination Station had their made-up awards "the Spacey" and Hayter won for best screenplay (or something). When accepting he mentioned that he was working on the script and that he was going to direct. Not sure if that’s still true.

    I heard that both Kevin Spacey or William H Macey did screen tests for the film, which producers weren’t happy with.

    In any respect, I think Gilliam was right and that the only way Watchmen should be made is as a mini series. Throw some of that HBO mini-series budgeting in there, make it worthwhile.