Sunday, December 14th, 2003


Hello? Is this thing on?

The cable modem fairy came by this morning and finally got me back online. It seems the signal from the outside of the house to the inside was getting pooched somewhere, and I was not getting any signal. But he waved his magic wand and I seem to be back. I should probably not call him a fairy though, cause he was actually really big. I had been teased through the weekend with about a half-hour of uptime a day which let me check my email (but not reply), but things should be stable now.

The cover of the week is now up, a little later than usual. This marks the one-year anniversary of this little feature – I’m honestly amazed that I’ve managed to keep it going this long. Hopefully I can continue to do so.

I spent my weekend reading, shopping and watching Six Feet Under. I’m not loving it as much as I thought I would, but am slowly getting more into it. I hope everyone gets less bitchy and shrill, they’re all really quite annoying. Well, not so much Rachel Griffiths’ character, but that might just be because she’s hot. I also played a shitload of Knights Of The Old Republic. I’m kinda hooked now.

The strangest thing about being offline was losing stuff I took for granted, like checking the weather (yeah, I know I can do that on television as well, shut up). I had no idea there was snow forecast for today until I went outside to grab the paper and had to dig it out a snowbank. I need to get my boots.

I’m going to have to catch up on a weekend of missed internet going-ons, so no pithy links or commentary today, probably tomorrow. But I will say that while I’m thrilled that Saddam has been captured, I hope to God that Bush didn’t just win the ’04 election.

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  1. Carla says:

    Jon can never decide if Rachel Griffiths is pretty or looks like a man. I think he decided she’s in the "handsome woman" category. Either way, while SFU is a great showcase for her dramatic talent, her comedic stuff is just as good.

    With all your talk of playing PC games you are sorely tempting me to start playing The Sims again. Bastard.