Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

Ticket To Ride

I bought my plane ticket for Las Vegas a couple nights ago. I haven’t actually been on a commercial flight since January 1999, and am assuming there’s all sorts of crazy heightened security measures to contend with. My trip will actually take me on a sort of all-around tour of America’s airways – on the flight there I get a stopover in Chicago and on the way back I get to see Dallas’ airport for an hour or so. This is all rather exciting though it just occurred to me that I bought my ticket online and have no idea when/how I’m supposed to get the physical plane ticket. Is there a physical plane ticket? I am going to get so lost.

It looks like Steve Earle’s Just An American Boy documentary will be released on DVD April 20.

Papa M (nee David Pajo from Slint) is opening for the Super Furry Animals February 5 at the Phoenix.

John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats loves his new iPod but hates trying to categorize his music.

Last full workday of the year. 10:15 and I’m already twiddling the thumbs.

np – Rilo Kiley / Take Offs And Landings

By : Frank Yang at 10:21 am
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  1. ian says:

    The website where you booked your flight should have issued you an eTicket which is as good as a ticket. The ticket agent at the airport will accept the eTicket and ask you for some ID before issuing you your boarding pass.

  2. Paul says:

    I assume you were planning to anyway, but I saw Papa M a couple months ago and had such a great time. Pajo & Co. are much more exciting onstage than the albums and eps would lead you to believe — well, Paz and whatshisname are anyway, as Pajo just kind of stands around.

  3. Ryan Waddell says:

    Getting a stopover in Chicago is no picnic. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a small walk between gates for your two flights… if you’re unlucky, you’ll have a multi-kilometer walk ahead of you. The airport is frikkin HUGE! Fun if you like walking through airports (does anyone actually like this?), not so much if you’ve got 15 minutes between flights and you have to sprint your ass down to the next gate.