Monday, December 1st, 2003


Billy Bragg, Jenny Toomey and Steve Earle conducted a press conference at the Atlanta stop of the Tell Us The Truth tour. Read some of the highlights here. Link from LHB.

Dave @ LHB is also first out of the gates with Top 11 of 2003 year-end list, complete with some sample MP3s. I’m still working on mine, expect something in a couple weeks. As a bonus, I think I will make a mix CD of tracks from all of my picks and offer that to anyone interested. Stay tuned.

Update: Ryan Catbirdseat has posted his Top 8 of 2003. What’s with the odd numbers, fellas?

Los Bros Kadane (aka The New Year) finished recording their second album (or fifth, if you accept that The New Year and Bedhead are the same band) in August and are looking at a Spring 2004 release date for the new record. Tour dates to follow. I think I will have to lobby someone in Toronto make sure they come up here.

Stereogum has new digs. Go and say hello. Wipe your feet.

You may notice up top I’ve got some CDs for sale. Just some housecleaning – I don’t know if any of it is of interest, but I’ll let the list sit for a few weeks before hauling it off to the second-hand shops. We’ll call it the final closing of my Britpop books.

np – The New Year / Newness Ends

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  1. david says:

    I’m also making a mix CD of my top 2003 albums, it’s a great way to introduce new music (or just annoy) friends.