Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003

I Hate December

A couple items of note in the year-end issue of ExclaimAn interview with Broken Social Scene about the year in Canadian music and a short piece on Young & Sexy just before their tour of Eastern Canada kicks off. There’s also their year-end lists in the new ish, but those don’t seem to be available online.

But a list that IS available online is this one – 25 albums that should never have been made. I am proud to say I own none of these. Hell, I think I’ve only heard two or three of them.

Anyone missing The Hidden Cameras’ show on Boxing Day as part of Vazaleen at Lee’s Palace may be interested to know that they’re taking part in a five-night stand in conjunction with the Toronto Dance Theatre called “The Skin and Leather Show”. It runs from January 21 to 25 at the Winchester St Theatre. I don’t know if these will be proper concerts or something else, if I find out I’ll report back.

Elvis Costello comes back to Toronto yet again, presumably still touring North, on February 28 of next year at Massey Hall.

Kate Askew has her year-end list up now as well. And Catchdubs. I am feeling the blogger peer pressure to get mine in order…

Taking the subway to rehearsal yesterday, there was a jumper at St Andrew station right when the train I was on was there. I don’t think it was in front my train – we had pulled in and let everyone off as usual, then sat at the platform for a few minutes before they cut the power to the tracks and herded everyone out. To the people complaining and asking, “what’s going on, why do we have to leave, how long do we have to wait?” – shut the fuck up, put two and two together and get out. I overheard one TTC employee saying that come December, the number of these incidents increases dramatically. Up on the surface, I saw five EMS vehicles pass by and pull up at the subway entrance. It was a long walk from University to Sherbourne, but I didn’t mind. I was happy to be walking away from there in good physical and mental health, and sad that someone else wasn’t.

np – The Decemberists / Castaways And Cutouts

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  1. rannie says:

    Hidden Camera at Vazaleen eh…

    That means it’s gonna be a animal house

  2. Paul says:

    That list of albums which shouldn’t have been made is bunk from the start. Effing "Trans?!" Some good points are made, but I could replace each of those 25 albums with something infinitely worse than what he’s chosen.

  3. Paul says:

    Also, pleased to see Nick Catchdubs’ inclusion of the Kenna record. Like he said, it will probably be overlooked by many — and that suX0r!