Monday, December 29th, 2003

Here And Now

It’s Monday and I’m at work. I’m still not 100% convinced I’m supposed to be here today. But I am. Alas. Who else is working today? LAME.

Steve Kado of The Hidden Cameras and The Barcelona Pavilion has whipped up an interesting and abraisive cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” under the monicker of The Blankket. Give it a listen here (sample mp3 under the third catalog item – THE BLANKKET – “SONGS OF LOVE”).

Stephin Merrit dropped some hints on what to expect on the new Magnetic Fields album in an interview with TapeOp. “…the new Magnetic Fields record is soft rock. A little light jazz, mostly soft rock… …with no programming, no synthesizers so far, actually. A Fender Rhodes electric piano, a Wurlitzer, I’m going to be doing Farfisa this week but no synthesizers. Clavinet”. The new album is scheduled for an April release, their debut record for Nonesuch.

For anyone not familiar with the majesty of Ride, Firesideometer has a critical analysis of their entire catalog. And speaking of Ride, top fansite Ticket 2 Ride has a slew of live Mark Gardener mp3s, including a show from Stockholm in Novemeber with former Ride co-conspirator and current Oasis bass-boy Andy Bell opening. Thanks to Gary for the tip-off.

Grab a live Rilo Kiley show from Austin this past August here. Link from LHB.

Attention comic book geeks – online store Dynamic Forces has a honey of a deal right now – buy $25 worth of goodies, and they give you a $25 gift certificate to use on that order. Yeah. The shipping is a little steep, but you still come out comfortably ahead. I’ve got the second League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen hardcover and a Hellblazer paperback en route.

Five Seventeen has his little birthday party last night and got right royally toasted with his good buddy Jose Cuervo. And I was reminded quite emphatically that I am allergic to cats.

np – Ride / Waves

By : Frank Yang at 9:58 am
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  1. Garry says:

    Yea, I heard the ‘Hey Ya’ cover a few days ago from Kado’s label site. A lil’ too much screaming, but it’s fun and more jumpy.

    You should listen to LES MOUCHES’ cover of ‘Close To You’. Keep your ears open for that little hint of Art-Rock.

  2. tim says:

    the only thing good i can say about being at work today is that traffic was light. of course, if i didn’t have to work today, i wouldn’t have to drive at all, i could just sit at home all day playing video games and sleep till noon.


  3. bsearles says:

    Thanks for the Dynamic Forces tip, Frank… I just ordered three Preacher trades to replace some single issues. $10 total for all three, with shipping… can’t beat that. Appreciate it.

  4. sam says:

    yep. i’m working too. almost all week.

    but hey there’s an upside to working during the holidays — no bosses :)