Friday, December 12th, 2003

Communication Breakdown

My modem went down last night. To properly visualize what Frank is like when his internet craps out, picture a small cat. Sitting outside a window. Scratching at the glass. In the rain. Mewing pathetically.

I have a service call scheduled for SUNDAY around noon. God, I’m getting the shakes just thinking about it. I may well need my old friend Jack Daniels to get through this. So if this site doesn’t get updated for a couple days or you don’t get email from me or see me online on IMs, don’t panic – it’s not the seventh sign, I’m not dead. Of course, if I remain incommunicado through Monday, then I likely am dead and would appreciate it if someone could send people over to clean up the remains.

Sarah Harmer finally has a follow-up to You Were Here ready. All Of Our Names is scheduled for a March 9 release in Canada, March 16 in the US.

Get Fuzzy has some thoughts on Canadian money.

Stylus touches on what’s certainly one of my biggest fears in life – What do you do if your record collection vanishes? God, I can’t even imagine. From Burned By The Sun.

Okay, I can’t be arsed to go looking for any more interesting links. I hereby charge my readership to go find them for me, and post the links as comments. Or don’t, I don’t really care either way. But if you need to get in touch with me, today before 5:00 would be a good time. I will try to answer whatever backlog of emails I have by then as well.

Oh well, the longer I’m offline, the more Knights Of The Old Republic I get to play.

np – My Morning Jacket / It Still Moves

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