Friday, November 7th, 2003

Talk Show Host

Conan O’Brien is in disccusions to bring Late Night to Toronto for a week next February. That would kick some serious ass, hopefully I wouldn’t have to kill too many people to get tickets.

Suede have split. While Coming Up had its moments, I’d say they should have given up after Bernard left the band. Ah well, we’ll always have “Animal Nitrate”.

I seem to be all about the EPs lately. My last four pick-ups have all been short-players.

  • Ted Leo & The PharmacistsTell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead

    (Mostly solo Ted on electric guitar – sounds like old-school Billy Bragg. That’s a good thing.)

  • Ryan AdamsLove Is Hell Pt. 1

    (Haven’t heard Rock N Roll yet, but this is a lot less glossy than Gold. Sounds good, pretty dark.)

  • SpoonThe Way We Get By

    (Short! Haven’t watched the videos yet.)

  • Yo La TengoToday Is The Day!

    (Nice to see Ira didn’t throw out all his distortion pedals after all.)

Accidentally hit ‘off’ on my alarm this morning instead of ‘snooze’. Whoops. But that’s okay, I don’t usually accomplish anything in the mornings anyway…

np – Yo La Tengo / Today Is The Day!

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