Tuesday, November 18th, 2003

Pictures Of You

Band photos last night! Genuine, honest-to-goodness band promo photos. We headed down to the apartment of a photographer friend of Brad and Five’s and drank wine, listened to Big Star and The Darkness and did silly stuff that hopefully yielded some hopefully good/interesting shots to use for… whatever. Someone out there is also writing a bio that’s hopefully more fiction than fact.

Belle & Sebastian have rated the cover of the new Big Takeover, out in the next few weeks. After shunning the media for so long, they’ve certainly dived right into things to promote Dear Catastrophe Waitress. BTO‘s interviews are always massive affairs – this one should be good.

The Cure are the latest band to get into the massive back-catalog reissue game. In addition to the Join The Dots box set of b-sides and unreleased material due out January 27, they’ll be remastering and reissuing their entire catalog with a bonus disc of unreleased material over the next year and a half. It’s enough to make the devoted fans’ mascara run with joy. Full details at Pitchfork.

After a prolonged absence, Swizzle Stick is back. Everyone go and welcome Chip back to the unreal world.

Information Leafblower and associates have offered up for your consideration their choices for the 40 best bands in America right now. I scoff at seeing the Strokes at number one, but things get more interesting from there on.

np – Beulah / Yoko

By : Frank Yang at 10:03 am
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  1. information leafblower says:

    Dude, I wanted you to take part in the list but couldn’t get your email from your site! ugh.

    Shoot me an email so I’ll have it for further use.


    And the Strokes got 4 first place votes and won by a mile although QOTSA got the most toal votes.

  2. five seventeen says:

    I’m glad to see Mountain Goats up there…

    And Frank, you forgot to mention drunkenness and debauchery at the photoshoot. All I can say is that Frank got a little crazy with a slinky, and for the rest of the story you will have to wait for the photos.