Monday, November 17th, 2003

Flat Black

I’ve commented in the past that American independent cinema, while great filmmaking, can be pretty dour, depressing stuff. Apparently Chris Gore of Film Threat thinks so too – that’s why he’s making My Big Fat Independent Movie. I like the idea, I hope the execution measures up. While we’re at it – can anyone recommend some good indie comedies?

Film Threat has a response to Michael Medved of USA Today‘s assertion that films like Kill Bill are dragging America’s cultural standards into the toilet. And speaking of Kill Bill, I saw a commercial for it yesterday wherein all blood splatters in the fight scenes were rendered black instead of red – so Uma is fighting off the sword-wielding gangsters drenched in like, oil or tar. I understand that geysers of blood might not be appropriate for prime time television, but it was still strange to see.

100 artists and graphic designers offer up what they consider to be the greatest album covers that never were. Some are cool, others look like some kid’s Photoshop project. From House Of Hot Sauce.

Watch the video for The Shins’ “So Says I” here. Link from Slatch.

My blogroll has been hijacked. NOT HAPPY. Especially since I don’t actually KNOW any of the URLs of sites I usually visit. Shiiiiiit. I hope my old list is recoverable, I’d hate to have to rebuild the whole thing again. Update: Yeah, I’m rebuilding the whole thing again. Sigh. Update 2: And now they’ve erased everything I did as (I assume) they attempt to fix the hacking. SIGH. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.

I can’t remember the last time I bought a box of cereal with a toy in it.

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