Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

Dear Employer

Pithy 24 commentary for this week – someone needs to fire CTU’s human resources department.

Wheat’s Per Second Per Second Per Second Every Second has officially been released, but I’ve seen not hide nor hair of it in Canada. I still refuse to believe the album actually exists.

There are rumblings the US Department of Defence is talking about bringing back the draft. I wholeheartedly support discussion by the current government on this subject as it would pretty much guarantee Dubya and his cronies get turfed in next year’s election by a public who aren’t interested in dying in the name of oil and Halliburton.

np – Ryan Adams / Demolition

By : Frank Yang at 9:19 am
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  1. sam says:

    oh my god, that was good.

    i just watched last night’s 24.

    dude, when the guy with the screens turned the monitors to ctu i thought, shit, this guy’s got access to ctu’s system! but then — he just walks right into the main floor at ctu… chilling.

    another mole but i really love how they did it this time. we weren’t screwed by it. they showed us this guy as a bad guy the whole time.

    wow. this is good.

    and the crackhouse scene?? intense.

    hey, you know what i was thinking right before they went to the crackhouse?

    they could kill off jack. they really can now. chase is such a good contender for it. of course i’d hate for jack to get killed but right now they can ’cause i’d watch it with chase as the main field agent.


    really good episode.

    your thoughts?

  2. Five Seventeen says:

    No thoughts just yet.

    They still haven’t built up Kim’s credibility yet, nor have they developed Chase’s character enough to make me believe he’d be a good takeover character. I’d rather see Tony demoted to a field agent (We still don’t know *that* much about him), if a new lead is ever in the future.

    The mole is nice, but hardly an interesting twist and really having access to CTU at this point isn’t all that important to the plot.

    I expect there to be a few Red Herrings this season. I mean, why not introduce the seeds of a future season in this one?

  3. sam says:

    i love the red herrings. and what i liked about this season’s ctu mole is how they revealed it to us; in a much different fashion than the two previous seasons were every new ctu character was a suspected mole.

    i like tony.

    but i don’t think he’s ever been a field agent. of course he could be forced into being one. that would be cool.

    but i like chase. of course we still don’t know much about him but i like how he’s being handled and how the actor is playing him.

    maybe it’s just me but i’m feeling like they’re being a bit more laidback this season; which is a good thing. it doesn’t mean there’s less suspense, but they seem to be starting to find their groove.

  4. Claire says:

    Tony is never ever going to become the focus of the show.


    1) He’s married.

    2) He spends most of his time talking in a whispery voice. That won’t work to fight terrorism.

    3) No Bad-Actress daughter for the terrorist guys to kidnap. Yes, there is his wife, but he’s currently using her as a glorified secretary so they can’t be the closest of couples..

    Need any more reasons???

  5. kyle says:

    Kim is destroying the show for me once again. Is this a soap opera, now? I’m fearing she’s going to end up knowing who Kyle is (based on the look on her face when his name was mentioned), and the only way to confront him is going to be using Kim, or something to that effect.

  6. Five Seventeen says:

    Reasons Tony COULD become the focus of the show:

    1) He’s married. (his wife could die causing him to freak out!)

    2) He spends most of his time talking in a whispery voice. (that’s might creepy and a bit sociopathic… You saw Silence of the Lambs, right?)

    3) After Jack dies there would be No Bad-Actress daughter for the terrorist guys to kidnap. phew.

    4) I could see Tony telling off the President. I can’t even see Jack doing that.

    5) With Jack dead it would give General George Bauer (to be played by Donald Sutherland) a reason to demote Tony — who causes Jack’s death — to a field agent, and personally take over CTU.

    Oh yeah.

  7. Claire says:

    Donald Sutherland? But he’s with the Russians…

    (ahem.. changing the topic)

    Who knew that Nina married George?

    (Sarah Clarke married Xander Berkeley in Sept, 02)

    … but Nina’s so evil and George is so good….

  8. kyle says:

    I knew they had married. And now George is dead. Nina must be so upset. I wouldn’t mind if they brought her character back (season 4 maybe). I didn’t like her too much in season 2, but she was great in season 1.

  9. Frank says:

    Wow, I’m not around for one morning and my blog turns into the 24 water cooler!

    Um, I gave Kim a chance last week but she’s pissing me off again. But on the bright side, with their track record CTU’s personnel department has probably hired the mountain lion and it’ll eat her before hour 6.

    Chase hasn’t impressed me yet, doesn’t seem to have much character. And his name is Chase. I can’t get past that.

    Tony could never become the principal because no one can forget his horrid soul patch from season 1. That’s the sort of thing that haunts you for a lifetime.

    They should bring back Nina. And George, as a smart-ass ghost who gives Jack advice.

  10. Pete says:

    Character development is still in the works as I am still getting to know everyone, as the episode went on we had the fear of this being too basic, but by the end it started to get interesting, so who knows? CTU could be targeted once again, but hey if Kim gets killed off, I really won’t care this time.

  11. Five Seventeen says:


    You’re right… deep down I know it’s the soul patch that revealed he wasn’t lead material… but part of me can continue to hope.. right? right!?

    (I would like to see Donald though)

  12. sam says:

    nina married george?? that is so cool! ha!

    the main reason why i like how this season’s going is how they seem to be inching into the story rather than throw at us. and i do feel there’s some fine character development slowly going on that was never there in the first two seasons because they were too busy throwing kim to a cougar or making jack kill a suspect before he could tell him the big secret.

    i’m tired of that.

    they’re letting it breathe, it seems.

  13. Keith says:

    No 24 comment…but the new Wheat *is* out. I picked up my copy on Tuesday (of course, I live about 30 minutes from the guys in the band). My past experience is that Aware sucks at distribution. The latest Bleu album had similar distribution and slipping release date problems. I’ve been having difficulty with my ipod, so I haven’t actually *heard* the disc yet, but I do have it my grubby little hands.