Saturday, October 25th, 2003

This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours

Why why why why why can’t Tell Us The Truth be coming to Canada? Well, probably because Canucks aren’t at the top of the list of people who need to be exposed to the bullshit political agenda of the US government, but still – Billy Bragg and Steve Earle on tour together? God. I would kill a man for live recordings of these shows. Honestly. I would. But if you’re so fortunate to be living somewhere that this is coming within 100 miles of, for the love of Levi Stubbs GO. If not for you, then your children. Or your children’s children. Or for ME. Do it for me, man. And sneak in a recorder.

Some news from the merry land of Gedge – Cinerama have released a new live album, Live In Belfast, available only from their website. This is the perfect companion piece to the Live In Los Angeles CD from last year which is also only available on their website. The tracklisting comprises material from both Cinerama and the Wedding Present and Dave’s stage banter is usually pretty good for a larf. The new Cinerama single, Don’t Touch That Dial, is also now out and produced by Steve Fisk, who produced Watusi. I’m curious to hear what having a new dude behind the board will do to Cinerama’s sound – working with Steve Albini the last couple of records combined with Sally Murrell leaving have made the band tougher and more Wedddoes-like than ever. Maybe it’s time for a hard left?

Neil LaBute’s The Shape Of Things was transferred to film directly from the stage, with the same cast and director (LaBute). It shows, too, as the story of a guy being slowly changed inside and out by his new girlfriend is very talky and visually static. It was alright, overall, but the plot twist, if you can call it that, was telegraphed a mile off. Watching this, I was reminded of LaBute’s first film, In The Company Of Men, and how utterly vicious it was. LaBute really doesn’t seem to like any of his characters, otherwise he wouldn’t do such nasty things to them.

Buckley’s cough syrup is quite probably the most vile-tasting thing in existance.

np – Mojave 3 / Spoon & Rafter

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