Friday, October 3rd, 2003

Schoolhouse Rock

School Of Rock is getting astonishingly good reviews – 86% at Metacritic and 89% at Rotten Tomatos, and this is with most if not all of the major outlets’ reviews already in. I thought it looked funny, but from the commercials and trailers, it seemed a little formulaic and kids in movies is always dodgy, but it looks like Jack Black and Richard Linklater has got themselves a slam dunk with this one. Cool beans.

Further on the topic of schoolteachers-turned-rock-stars, word is the openers for the November 14 Guided By Voices show at the Opera House will be The Constantines.

np – The Shins / Oh, Inverted World

By : Frank Yang at 1:28 pm
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  1. Carla says:

    I saw it a a free screening at the Film Fest last month. It was an entertaining hour and a half, not much else, though it was pleasantly surprising to see Jack Black truly in his element. It’s definitely a renter.

  2. ion says:

    I saw it last night, and thought it was pretty good. I found it more sweet than funny. Perhaps an R rating would have allowed more humor, but would also prevent it from reaching a wider audience. On another note, is there an e-mail address to contact you Frank? I just discovered your fine site tonight after trying a new search engine (besides google). I’m interested in getting an mp3 of Marine Research’s "Sick & Wrong," from the archives. Thanks!