Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

No God Only Religion

Whilst picking up various accessories for my new DVD player last night, I found a slightly used, cheap copy of the first Preacher trade paperback. I enjoyed Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s run on Hellblazer and heard all the acclaim for Preacher over the years but never read a single page. And you know what? My loss. I’m only two issues in, but it is good. Very good. I’m so familiar with the writing and art styles that it’s like sitting down for coffee with an old friend you haven’t seen in years, and he’s got all sorts of new stories to tell. And Steve Dillon has really been working on his depictions of people getting the backs of their heads blown open. The shop had another three or four of the collections for cheap, I’ll have to head back and stock up.

The new DVD player is nice, too. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do in terms of tv stand/stereo stand/speaker stands… Ikea’s 2004 catalog sucks pretty hard, I have to say, but I honestly have no idea where else to look. How sad is that?

Norwegian pretty-boy crooner Sondre Lerche plays the El Mocambo November 17. Indie girls should start practicing swooning now.

Bradley’s Almanac has a pretty thorough list of on-line Flash games for your time wasting approval. Guaranteed to stifle productivity but make the day go by faster. A win-win situation! Unless someone catches you.

Governor Schwarzenegger. This isn’t even worth commenting on.

np – Built To Spill / Perfect From Now On

By : Frank Yang at 10:07 am
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  1. BradSearles says:

    Oh my goodness. You discovered Preacher.

    Congratulations, man. I envy what you’ve got ahead of you. Seriously, if I could erase the memory of that story and read it all over again with fresh eyes, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    The best comic series I’ve ever read. Just wait until you get to Angelville. Enjoy.


  2. Derek says:

    Maybe when I get back, you can tell me what you want and I can build you a combo TV/DVD/CD/Thing stand.

    Governor Schwarzenegger indeed.

    Forget the military-industrial complex, we’ve now got an <b>govern-tainment</b> complex. Dog save us all.