Sunday, October 19th, 2003

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Being pretty ignorant of ‘zine culture, I didn’t know what to expect from Canzine 2003 today – I went a) for something to do, and b) because if nothing else, I knew Five Seventeen and Claire would have tables there and I could at least stop by and say hello. I honestly wasn’t expecting what I found – three large halls and two floors filled with ‘zine publishers and readers. It was bedlam, but very cool bedlam. I ran into far more people that I knew than I expected, I guess Canzine was the ‘thing to do’ today. I would have liked to have picked up more items than I did (a grand total of three, including the free ish of Broken Pencil I got with admission, 517’s latest Tape-Gun and a little squarebound comic I bought pretty much at random – Wag #9 if you must know), but I was pretty overwhelmed with everything that I didn’t really stop at many tables to inspect their wares. Next year, perhaps. It’d be neat to participate, there was a very cool vibe about the whole event. Maybe I’ll make a print version of this here blog? So retro! So 20th century!

I’ve done another cull of the CD collection to sell off stuff I never listen to. This time there’s around 40 items, mostly vestiges of my Britpop days. I don’t know what I can get for them – I’ll post a list soon if anyone wants anything. Then I’ll do eBay and when nothing else seems to be moving, I’ll just haul em down to the stores and get rid of the rest there.

I’ve started watching the BBC miniseries for Neverwhere, the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s first proper novel. I’m only one episode in so far (there’s six), but despite the charmingly cheesy BBC production values (think Doctor Who – not that bad, but same ballpark), it’s not bad. I don’t remember boo about the book so I should be able to judge the show on its own merits rather than comparing it to the source material.

The Chicago Sun-Times talks to Steve Earle up the documentary film/album Just An American Boy. Link from LHB.

I don’t think I’m getting any sicker (knock wood). God willing it will stop with the scratchy throat, and my cough never really went away from the last cold, so… back to work tomorrow for me! Yay.

np – Superchunk / Cup Of Sand

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  1. graig says:

    where in hell did you find neverwhere?

    I’ve been looking all over for it, stopping short of going to Amazon.

  2. Frank says:

    Queen Video, the one on Queen St. I’m halfway through, I’ll probably return it by Wednesday if you want to swoop in and grab it.