Tuesday, October 14th, 2003

Life Through One Speaker

Busy busy day of running around and buying stuff. The details of which are uninteresting and unimportant, but the upshot is, my ‘home theatre’ system is now in place with two glorious channels of stereo sound! Yes, I am on the cutting edge of 1960s phonographic technology. Now I just need to look into this ‘quadrophonic’ sound the kids are talking about.

But seriously, I got some speaker stands and a stereo stand and got everything hooked up around my telelvision and it’s working pretty well. The absence of a remote for my amplifier is a hassle, as there’s a lot of input switching and volume adjustment whenever I go from television to DVD to CD, but what can you do… except maybe look at new amplifiers? Or speakers? My latent interest in audio equipment is stirring. Dangerous thoughts, those. Dangerous.

But CDs are much louder than DVDs. That’s interesting.

I’m still trying to quantify how the use of proper stands has affected the sound of my speakers. While there’s always a danger of Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome, I’d say that the detail and imaging of the speakers has improved, but the bass response has been reduced, maybe made a little tighter. Probably on account of them not being coupled with large bookshelves anymore. Okay, this is shit that is of no interest to anyone, so I’ll stop.

I watched The Score to inaugurate my new set up. A pretty standard heist flick made remarkable by the cast – Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton and Marlon Brando – it’s the story of a thief (DeNiro) looking to get out of the business with one last job for his long-time fence (Brando) with the assistance of a cocky newcomer (Norton). There are some parallels to be drawn to their acting careers, don’t you think? They’re all effective by doing what they do best, so the rather generic story isn’t really a problem. It’s all in the execution. It was nice to see a film set in Montreal, as well. Lovely city.

np – The Postal Service / Give Up

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  1. Anonymous says:

    quadrophonic? damn dre they’re already at septo-phonic.