Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

For What Reason

Interesting bit of comic book apocrypha – when Warren Ellis was scribe on Hellblazer, he submitted a single-issue story for issue #141 about school shootings. The timing, however, was terrible. Coming in the wake of the Columbine shootings, DC decided that running a story about a trenchcoat-wearing anti-hero involved in shootings at a high school wouldn’t be prudent, and shelved the story. Thanks to the wonder of the internet, however, you can still read “Shoot” from the uninked storyboards as well as Warren Ellis’ comments on the episode.

Today is crazy new release day for me. I am going to try and reign in my urge to blow enormous wads of cash and only blow a moderate amount of cash. Definitely coming home with me – provided local stores have them in-stock today – are the new Death Cab album, Ted Leo EP, Shins EP (okay, not new this week but still), and probably one more item yet to be determined. Candidates include the new Belle & Sebastian, Portastatic’s 14-track Summer Was A Lark EP or the Ride BBC sessions disc. Decisions, decisions.

Orange Twin has Neutral Milk Hotel t-shirts! Hmmm.

Sloan closes off their Canadian tour for Action Pact with an (adopted) hometown show November 7 at the Kool Haus. That falls smack in the middle of Bloody Expensive Concert Season for me, so I will probably have to give it a pass and extend my live Sloan-less streak to a full decade.

Largehearted Boy has a live mp3 of DCFC’s Ben Gibbard doing a cover of Billy Bragg’s “St Swithin’s Day” available for download. Go get it.

Update: Well my decisions were made for me.

Me: “Do you have the new Death Cab?”

Soundscapes: “That was delayed at the warehouse, we’ll have it tomorrow morning”. Strike one.

Me: “Do you have the new Shins single?”

Soundscapes: “We just sold out.” Strike two.

Me: “Do you have the new Ted Leo EP?”

Soundscapes: “New Ted Leo?” Strike three.

They did have the new Portastatic and B&S, but after my crushing defeat I didn’t feel like settling. But Rotate This did have a copy of The Wrens’ highly-praised The Meadowlands, so I got that. Let’s call that the catcher dropping the ball on that third strike and my making it to first before he could recover. Anyway, I will console myself with a DVD player tonight and the new Death Cab tomorrow.

Update 2: Does anyone have a valid Insound coupon code for October?

np – Death Cab For Cutie / The Photo Album

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  1. Rannie says:

    Where can I find the new Death Cab cd in Toronto? Any cheaper sources? or should I wait till the concert next week?

  2. Frank says:

    I got mine for $18.99 at Soundscapes. It may well be cheaper at the show next week, even if it’s $20 you’d save on the tax. I haven’t compared prices elsewhere, but online at mymusic and amazon it looks in the same ballpark.