Monday, October 13th, 2003

Everyone Everywhere

Things that should have occurred to me: if I have today off on account of it being a holiday, it stands to reason that other folks like, say, supermarket workers, would also have the day off. It would have been more useful if I’d realized this yesterday, when the stores were open, than today, when the stores were already closed. Anyway, I managed to scrounge up the basics I needed for dinner tonight from the 7-11 and corner vegetable stand, so I’m okay.

As with many others today, I bid Miss Modernage a fond farewell from blog-land. Thank goodness has stepped up and volunteered to be the new source of all things prurient and Britney.

Here’s an bit of news that I haven’t seen picked up anywhere else – Gillian Gilbert has left New Order. The band is recording their new album with an unspecified guest guitarist and according to a source, “It is much more like Joy Division again”. Interesting interesting.

There are some official shots available of Keanu Reeves in character as John Constantine. Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance is contributing to the soundtrack. Gavin Rossdale of Bush has been cast as a character called “Balthazar”. None of this does anything to sway me from my initial opinion that this will be a truly awful film.

Nostalgia – Sugar’s File Under: Easy Listening was the first album I bought in university. I think I picked it up during frosh week. That was almost ten years ago. TEN YEARS. Holy friggaroo.

Happy Thanksgiving!

np – New Order / Substance

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