Thursday, September 25th, 2003

Seen Your Video

You know what would be fun? Getting onto MTV’s Becoming and doing a shot-by-shot remake of The Replacements’ “Bastards Of Young”. Or maybe that should just be ‘shot remake’, since there’s only one in the whole vid. A classic. And then, while they’re shooting the final video, I could get all loaded and trash the set in classic ‘Mats fasion.

Apparently Dean Wareham had a brief guest spot on tonight’s Law & Order. I feel shame not because this Luna-freak missed it, but because I watched pretty much the whole episode but didn’t notice.

There was a bit of a shakeup in Lake Holiday-land this week as Clay dropped the bombshell on us that he was bilingual. You play alongside a guy for so many months, you think you know him… then this. I think we’ve managed to compose ourselves in time for tonight’s show, though. In fact, it could come in handy as Melon Galia perform in French. 517 found a sample mp3 and it’s really quite nice. Definitely a Belle & Sebastian-esque chamber pop thing happening, I look forward to seeing them play tonight.

np – Guided By Voices / Earthquake Glue

By : Frank Yang at 10:11 am
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  1. graig says:

    Shit… I wanted to make it to the LH show tonight, but I blanked on it after the visit with the doc… sorry, dude. Hope it went well