Wednesday, September 17th, 2003

Only The Losers

Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – I know has been sending me links to this Onion story. Hey guys… what are you getting at? Are you implying that I would somehow relate to the Morlocks of society that this article writes about? That I look at that picture of the fat man in a Beat Happening t-shirt and feel I’m looking in a mirror? That these are my people? Is that what you’re saying? I DO NOT SPEND MY FRIDAY NIGHTS CATALOGUING MY CDS IN A SPREADSHEET. The spreadsheet is already made, it’s just a question of maintenance. It only takes a few minutes at a time. Please. My Friday nights are set aside for Snood.

Words fail. From Donewaiting.

My friend Patrick has joined the ranks of the blog-enabled. He’s still working out some layout/interface issues, particularly if you’re using anything but Windows IE, but the content is gold. He’s the dude who introduced me to much of the music that now forms the bread and butter of my diet, and for that I am eternally grateful. And he sold me his university textbooks for cheap, gave me his old finals and advised me on which fourth year courses required the absolute least work to get through. My mentor.

Oh yeah, somehow I missed the fact that the working title for the new Batman film is Batman: Intimidation Game. Seems a little unwieldy, I think.

np – American Analog Set / Promise Of Love

By : Frank Yang at 9:56 am
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  1. becky says:

    "The spreadsheet is already made, it’s just a question of maintenance."


    oh frank