Monday, September 22nd, 2003

Is It Wrong To Wish On Space Hardware

Farewell, Galileo. Vaporizing over Jupiter is almost as good as a Viking funeral.

Elvis Costello talks about Diana Krall, being in love and North.

Ween play the Kool Haus in Toronto November 3. Curiously, their Quebec tour doesn’t have a Quebec date. All together now… “Where’d the mothafuckin’ cheese go?” “I dunno!” All right.

Pitchfork’s love affair with Toronto bands continues – this time, The Deadly Snakes get some P-Fork lovin’.

I’ve realized why Rachel Goswell’s vocals aren’t so prominent on the new Mojave 3 album – Neil Halstead has perfected his falsetto to the point that their voices sound pretty much identical when he’s in that range. And while I’m hardly an unbiased judge of M3, Spoon And Rafter is lovely. Much of it is slower than the last two albums, more in line with Ask Me Tomorrow, but lusher in sound and more expansive in arrangement. I am waiting anxiously for a North American tour (Rachel reports a full tour in the works for Februrary 2004) – you would never guess, but they are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.

np- Mojave 3 / Spoon And Rafter

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