Monday, September 1st, 2003

I'm So Tired

I am so tired. I don’t want to move any more boxes. But if I don’t, I won’t have any clothes. And that’s sure to come back to haunt me at some point. I think I still have one more load of stuff to move tonight… I have to go back to my new place anyway, since I need a wrench to disassemble the coffee table and I have apparently already moved my wrench. MY WRENCH. I don’t know how my wrench got moved and the rest of my tools did not. Actually I do. Fuck.

Two things have come to my attention today. I’ve realized that A) my new digs are squarely within the University Of Toronto ghetto, and B) that it’s Frosh Week. Utilizing my highly developed engineer math skills, I’ve combined points A) and B) and determined that there are likely to be numerous instances of drunken students wandering my street going, “Whoooo!” for no reason. Goddamn students.

Radiohead has been rescheduled for October 15 at the Air Canada Centre, or so my sources would have me believe. This may not be any more accurate than the last resched date I posted, so take it with a grain of salt. Or better yet, find out if it’s true and then let me know. I wonder how they will handle the assigned seats with the new venue? Fairly, I hope. What I’m more curious about is whether Stephen “My crappy-ass website only works in Internet Explorer” Malkmus will still be opening.

By : Frank Yang at 8:22 pm
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  1. Garry says:

    Our tickets had better be honoured (as GA’s). This is fucked. BLARGH!

    I cannot calm down.