Friday, September 19th, 2003

High Water

I may have complained about the relative tameness of the storm formerly known as Isabel when it rolled through Toronto but I take that back a bit, having seen some of the damage that was wrought. A house in front of the subway station exit had half a very large tree crash down into the front of it, taking down some power lines and smothering a car and the front door beneath it. Pretty dramatic. I saw some other felled trees on the way home, but nothing on that scale. Yes, some damage was done. Looks like it’s blown through and it’s just a matter of drying up now.

The Belle & Sebastian rock’n’roll machine lays waste to Massey Hall on November 8. This will be good – a proper venue for a band that really needs good acoustics. And seats! This will be an expensive one, though. Mark my words. Go on, mark them. Oh shit, that’s the same night as I was going to go to Weakerthans. Hmm…. think think think. And in related B&S news, former cellist and pouter Isobel Campbell will release her third solo album (but first under her own name) Amorino on October 7. Details here.

Wheat come back to Toronto for the first time in over three years opening for Liz Phair at the Guvernment, November 15. Tickets on sale October 9. Per Second Per Second Per Second Every Second will be out October 28, if it doesn’t get pushed back again. Reviews of Liz’s shows in promotion of Liz Phair have not been glowing, but I really want to see Wheat. I will keep my fingers crossed that it’s a) not too expensive and b) not awful.

Best 404 Not Found page ever.

Got the “Expanded and Remastered” Rhino edition of Uncle Tupelo’s Anodyne. On initial listen, I don’t really hear the remastering, but the bonus tracks and expansive liner notes are worth the price of admission. It’ll be with a slightly heavy heart that I sell off my old copy of Anodyne (and inevitably the Rockville albums), they’ve served me well for the past seven years.

np – Uncle Tupelo / Anodyne

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  1. derek says:

    a) every time i try to use your blog i search for an "add comment" link, until i realize that clicking on "0 comments" will let me change that zero to a 1. Can it just say "add comment"?

    b) yes, that is the best 404 page ever. I want to do shit like that now!