Friday, September 5th, 2003

Fine To See You

File under: “What the hell were they thinking?” Elton John was the surprise guest at the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary party in Milwuakee.

Because you demanded it – Family Guy : The Motion Picture.

A round table discussion with former child stars. Dig the tension – Danny Patridge and Screech musta had it out in the parking lot afterwards. Link from The Modern Age.

Travis’ tour for 12 Memories brings them to the Hummingbird Centre for an extra-scary Halloween show, October 31. Okay, it probably won’t be scary in the slightest.

Today was lots of running around, blowing cash on household implements. Desk and bookcase from Ikea – I briefly floated the notion of moving them home myself, but the 90 lb package quickly scotched that idea. They’re being delivered Tuesday night. I also got a load of this and that from Canadian Tire. I am almost all set up, I think. Ah hell, who am I kidding. I have no idea.

np – Guided By Voices / Isolation Drills

By : Frank Yang at 7:15 pm
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  1. Kate says:

    There’s some scary footage from 2000 when Fran got mad at me live on Much Music.

  2. Robert says:

    Ikea has just about the worst customer service. I got some cd racks on a trip up north to visit my sister and on was missing parts. An email to them turns up nothing two weeks later. I’ve tried to call twice but got tired of waiting on hold. I was thinking about making a trip 4 1/2 hours north to the closest store to get a couple of items but I can’t confirm if they have them via the website and nobody had answered the several times I’ve called. They’ve got great stuff, but I wish their support was better.