Saturday, September 20th, 2003

Blown A Wish

Busy busy day. Went to Long & McQuade’s Big Basement sale this morning, as not going to a sale at a music store is not something I think I’m physically capable of. There was nothing interesting there, as expected, and I got some strings. Excitement.

Then went to see Lost In Translation. I really enjoyed it – both Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson are wonderful. Murray’s career renaissance continues, as he continues to expand on the “sad, worn out man” role he began in Rushmore, but with even more depth and character. As the young wife feeling lost in life and Tokyo, Johansson proves she’s one of the best young actresses around today. It was also more laugh-out-loud funny than I expected. Bill Murray’s talents as a physical comedian are used to great effect. If I have any reservations, it’s in how the Japan around them is portrayed. While I understand it’s important to show how alien their environments are to them, I had to wonder if it toed the line or even crossed it into mockery once in a while. Still, a very good movie and worth seeing.

Then I hung around with Kyle and Sarah for a while, grabbed some dinner. Got a copy of the new Mojave 3 album three days early from a source who shall remain nameless.

Tonight I’m going to the release party for Shameless magazine, of which Brad’s wife is publisher. I also somehow know a number of other people going, so it should be a good time and for a good cause.

np – Mojave 3 / Spoon And Rafter

By : Frank Yang at 8:08 pm
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  1. Paul says:

    I can’t believe Translation isn’t in Nashville theaters yet. The anticipation is driving me nuts.

  2. Joseph J. Finn says:

    To be fair – I think downtown Tokyo crossed into self-mockery many, many years ago.

  3. a splendid motherfuck says:



  4. Kate says:

    And he wasn’t drinking, to my knowledge. all amusing beyond belief.

  5. Frank says:

    Hey, I was drinking a little.