Friday, August 29th, 2003

What's The World Got In Store

Wilco’s set this Sunday night (August 31) opening for REM in Missoula, MO will be webcast starting at 8:30 CST (9:30 EST). The Quicktime player needed to hear it will be available on the Wilco website later this weekend. They will be heading back into the studio after a pair of hometown shows in Chicago after September 18 and 19 to work on the new record… which pretty much means that the faint hope that Decibels Per Minute – or whatever the new disc would be called – would be released in 2003 are pretty much nil.

More acquisitions – the new Sloan disc and the final Posies album, Success. Pop pop pop. And comics: on the intense recommendation from Vic, I got Johnny The Homicidal Maniac : Director’s Cut and the Vertigo trade paperback, Fables : Legends In Exile. Fables was okay, a lot straighter and less elliptical than I’d expected.

Goddamn packing is alot of work. I have much crap. Much much much crap. I think some extra-strong Glad bags are in order.

np – Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham / Sonic Souveniers

By : Frank Yang at 8:48 pm
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  1. graig says:

    Johnny is short of brilliant

    Squee is even more enjoyable

    Invader Zim, the cartoon Jhonen Vasquez created is worth hunting down through the P2P networks. The animation style is unbelievable.