Thursday, August 7th, 2003

Waiting To Derail

Ryan Adams has renamed his oft-delayed new album to the simple, Rock N Roll and has it slated for a November release. Which means that it will be delayed and renamed in early October, the 4-disc box set put back on the release schedule sometime around the third week of October and Ryan will scrap the whole deal by the first week of November in favour of writing more pissy letters to music writers who’ve said unkind things about him in the past. Lather, rinse, repeat. From Miss Modernage.

Comic Book Resources talks to Grant Morrison about the end of his run on New X-Men, his upcoming stint on Superman and myriad other things. Clicky.

Hrmm. Slow day.

np – Elliott Smith / Either/Or

By : Frank Yang at 4:01 pm
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  1. splend says:

    love is hell was definitely a cooler name. aww.