Wednesday, August 27th, 2003

The Beat Is Murder

Mate an album on Classic, classic. Linkie from Kyle.

What does former Hellblazer scribe Warren Ellis think about the Keanu-fied film version of Constantine? Find out here. “I think Reeves is an interesting choice…” Very diplomatic, Warren.

And apparently this guy is earmarked for the title role in the new Christopher Nolan-helmed Batman flick. I guess they figure that other comic book adaptation did pretty well casting an accented unknown named “Hugh” in a major role, but going through this guy’s photo gallery, I dunno…

Just over a week away and I have no confirmation at all that the September 6 rescheduled date for Radiohead is legit – sorry. They’re going to be back in North America in October, NYC on the 9th, 10th and 14th in particular. Is the Amphitheatre even still open that late into the season? I can’t imagine how the organizers would handle moving the show to another venue. It would be bedlam. Bedlam, I say!

Decade Of Rad: Top 10 Movies Of The 80s. Gymkata!!!

np – Steve Earle / El Corazon

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  1. derek says:

    Yes, but what I want to know is when Mandy Patinkin is going to be in town next! He’s the man, he’s the man, he’s the leader of the band. Sure, I get to see him sing now and then on Chicago Hope, but it’s just not enough. I need it LIVE.