Thursday, August 14th, 2003

The Ballad Of Easy Rider

I went to see Easy Rider last night. Ignoring the fact that the theatre had a pretty lousy print (choppy sound and everything had this unsettling pink wash over it), it was an interesting film. I can appreciate the historical significance of it, coming out in 1969 this would have been a real clarion call to that generation – it’s a fascinating look at what hippy and drug culture was like at the time, and not filtered through the lens of hindsight. That said, I couldn’t really relate to the film on a personal level. I’m not a biker, a drug user or a longhair. But hey, it was still interesting. Killer soundtrack, though, and watching a young Jack Nicholson – already with the grin and the acting style that would become his trademark – and a whacked out Dennis Hopper was fascinating.

Aussies The Sleepy Jackson are opening for My Morning Jacket on their Fall North American tour.

The Sadies play the Horseshoe on September 13… just because.

Sloan rate the cover story in this week’s eye.

np – Blue Rodeo / Tremolo

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