Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

Slips And Tangles

Napster returns in cartoon form! While I have zero to nil interest in the new service, I give those behind it props for a fun marketing campaign.

More Weakerthans love, this time courtesy of the Star. Someone explain to me why an album that’s getting such a major push in this city is available only as an import? Maybe they’ll had copies on sale at their free show at the ElMo this evening. Not that I was there… but I drove by. People out on the street were listening to the show. It was nice.

I went to Ikea tonight to scout out prospective furniture purchases. Had to reevaluate some stuff I had picked out because the corner desks were MUCH larger than I had expected. Too much so. So on the plus side, I will be getting a cheaper desk – a smaller desk. And some other stuff. I dunno, it’s impossible to figure out what I need until I actually get what I already have into place.

Speaking of moving, I got the wonderful news from my condo that I can’t have the service elevator on Monday, on account of it being a holiday. This is problematic because Tuesday, everyone who was going to a) offer me use of their van and b) help me move, will be back at work or otherwise unavailable. I’m going to call tomorrow and talk to the management about this, but I don’t expect them to be flexible. This moving will end up being a multiple-day affair, then. I have a contingency plan in place, it’s not a great one, but it should do if that’s how things shake out. Someone said to me that moving is the most stressful period in a person’s life, after death and divorce. I’m beginning to believe it.

News – Ticketmaster has Fountains Of Wayne listed at the Horseshoe on September 18… I think the ‘Shoe is a little small for a band as established and getting as much radio play as FOW, but I guess it’s happening thusly. I will have to be on the ball to get tickets for that one ($13.50 a pop).

np – Jeff Mangum / Live At Jitter Joe’s

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