Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

Pressed In A Book

There’s an interview with our very own 517 in today’s Toronto Star about his Alice Becomes A Queen art exhibit at the AWOL gallery through next week. Unfortunately, the online article lacks the photo of the artwork the interview refers to. And for the record, he said “patzer”, not “putz”.

The reality of moving in just over a week has begun to set in. I finally got off my ass today and took care of some stuff that I’d been putting off for a while – going through my shoeboxes of crap and files and throwing stuff out, getting a few boxes from the LCBO (I will still need more though), selling off a huge stack of old Select and Q magazines (my Britpop days are finally truly dead!) as well as a stack of CDs that didn’t deserve to be moved. This coming week I may finally get around to putting my old Telecaster on consignment at Capsule or Songbird. I also got my bike appraised for the purpose of sending in my bike lock warranty – they said $350. So it seems my ‘beater’ bike is worth more than my stolen new bike was. Fantastic.

I got the new issue of Magnet yesterday, which is always good grist for the blogging mill. This one is their 10th anniversary issue, so we get retrospectives and lists in lieu of proper articles, but that’s okay. We like lists. The centrepiece is the Top 60 albums of the past 10 years, of which I have 28, plus another 5 or 6 I used to have on cassette. Not a bad showing. Their top 5 are Belle & Sebastian’s If You’re Feeling Sinister, Radiohead’s OK Computer, Guided By Voices’ Alien Lanes, Nirvana’s In Utero and top album of the past decade belongs to Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, which you know I’m not going to argue with.

np – The Shins / Oh, Inverted World

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