Monday, August 18th, 2003


Epitaph has been taking out massive subway station ads to promote the release of The Weakerthans’ new album Reconstruction Site next Tuesday. Quite an odd thing to see on the subway.

Lemmings! All in DHTML! I have no idea how they did this, but it’s cool.

I’ve noticed a lot of hits on my site from people looking for information on Gregory Hines’ burial here in Toronto – my hometown of Oakville, to be exact. I don’t have any particular information, it came as a pretty big surprise to me as well, but there was an article in The Star about it over the weekend.

I bought a new lock for my bike, cost me a cool $120. I don’t know if it’s going to make a big difference, but it offers a little more piece of mind, considering that the next cheapest one was the one I had when my last bike got stolen and was on display behind the counter, all bent and warped, as an example of how easy it was to break them open. It didn’t really inspire confidence. So I got the more expensive one, will register it for the warranty and put a big tag on the lock that says, “If you are intending to steal this bike, please at least leave me the pieces of the lock so I can collect on the warranty. PS – YOU BASTARD”. I will be keeping the bike in the office from now on while I’m at work, though. I think the key to keeping my bike, along with the big-ass lock, will be NOT leaving it sitting outside for 9 hours a day.

First band practice in a fortnight tonight. A little sloppy, just running through the old stuff to get the rust off. We’re going to be adding new material to the set, build up what they call ‘a repetoire’. Crazy, that. It felt good to plug in and crank it again – it’s been a little while.

Radiohead have tenatively rescheduled their Toronto show for September 6. Official confirmation still forthcoming.

The Tyde are no longer joining Nada Surf on their Fall tour. It’s entirely possible, however, that there could be one ass-kicking bill of Barsuk bands for Toronto and Montreal in the third week of October. The Nada Surf website reports, “Also, info on the Toronto/Montreal shows will be updated soon and if things work out like we’re expecting, our neighbors up north will be privvy to an exceptional evening of tunes.” Hmm, wonder if this has anything to do with with Death Cab For Cutie/Long Winters tour that was rumoured to be coming to town around the same time…? It would be irresponsible of me to speculate.

Big new release day tomorrow… new Sloan, new Guided By Voices, new Superchunk (well, a double-disc comp anyway) and the reissue of Neil Young’s On The Beach, for the first time on CD. Three other old Neil albums as well his new one, Greendale, are also out tomorrow, but I’m not so interested in those. On The Beach, though. Gimme.

np – Sloan / Pretty Together

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  1. Kate says:

    Woo for the 6th! I will most definitely be able to walk by then.

  2. Paul Cox says:

    Woo for walking!

    And woo for Neil Young’s Re-act-or album, too! It’s always been on of my favorites, but we might be on two different planes of Neildom. I’ve never thought On the Beach was any good.

  3. Frank says:

    I’ve never heard Re-Act-Or, so I can’t judge. I do like On The Beach though I haven’t heard the whole album in its entirety – just most of the songs here and there. Neil is always fascinating, even at his worst.