Friday, August 1st, 2003

Our Way To Fall

So I get out of the subway coming home from rehearsal last night, and this is what I see. The entire intersection at Yonge and College plus about at least a half block in every direction is cordoned off by police, gawkers and emergency services vehicles everywhere. I didn’t see any of the vehicles involved in the chase or pile-up, but I didn’t hang around to try and get an eyeful – that’s not my thing. But wow, that’s some crazy shit to go down two blocks from your apartment.

Rehearsal itself was longer and louder than usual, but necessary considering we’ve got a show in a couple days, haven’t practiced all together and plugged in in over two weeks and were trying to work a couple new songs into the set. But if anyone attending the show on Sunday thinks we sound sloppy or confused, the party line is WE’RE DRUNK.

It’s August. AUGUST. When did this happen? (About midnight, last night). Oh, ok. Thanks, smart ass. It will be Autumn before you know it. Summer 2003, we hardly knew ye.

np – Guided By Voices / Mag Earwhig!

By : Frank Yang at 8:58 am
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  1. emily p says:

    make sure you get to see the immaculate machine on Sunday! I don’t want to over-hype them, but really they’re quite decent. (This is me representing for Victoria)