Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

Indoor Living

The Life Of David Gale posits some interesting moral and philosophical points, but buries them in massive plot holes underneath some horrid melodrama. Kevin Spacey and Laura Linney do their best with their parts, only occasionally slipping into overacting, but Kate Winslet is pretty awful. And her character’s name is Bitsy. What the hell is that?

Such a time choosing what to get at Soundscapes yesterday afternoon. The new Superchunk compilation got the nod. Cup Of Sand trots out two discs of b-sides, demos and live material from Foolish through Here’s To Shutting Up, picking up right where Incidental Music left off. There’s nothing really essential here but I love it when bands see fit to make their non-album tracks available, trainspotting completist that I am. More ‘Chunk is always a good thing – I’m quite happy with the choice. I figure the new Sloan will be easy to find second-hand within a week or two.

Matador Records has taken out a banner ad atop Friendster, shilling for Mogwai, Stephen Malkmus and Pretty Girls Make Graves. I guess they know their target market.

It’s going to get hotter before it gets cooler. We’ve been flirting with rolling blackouts the last two days. For God’s sake, get those nuclear reactors online!!! It’s just stifling at work. Stifling, I say.

np – Superchunk / Cup Of Sand

By : Frank Yang at 8:39 am
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  1. splend says:

    might have to do with the fact that stuart braithwrite has a friendster account. which i found through david pajo’s.