Saturday, August 30th, 2003

Exit Flagger

I have the keys.

I went by my new place this morning to pick them up and take a look around, and the cleaners were still there. Good thing too – the place was in a sorry state. I dropped off a couple boxes and told myself it’d look better after it was cleaned up. Went back this afternoon and I was right – the cleaners did a bang-up job and the place looks pretty sharp. I took a few more measurements now that the previous tenant’s stuff is all gone. The absence of many right angles in the living room may make things tricky, but I’ll figure something out. It’s so hard to gauge things before you actually get your junk in there.

But there you go – I am now the tenant. Wow. I will take some pictures when I go back. Not being able to get my furniture moved till Tuesday is turning out to be a real pain – I can get all my other belongings over there tomorrow, but have nowhere to unpack to. That’s a problem.

Also this afternoon I went and played Scrabble with some folks who actually know how to play. It’s certainly a different game when you play by the rules.

By : Frank Yang at 6:46 pm
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