Thursday, August 21st, 2003

Double Feature

I WANT ONE OF THESE. A pox on Largehearted Boy for introducing me to this marvel of modern technology and making my life feel so inadequate for want of this fantabulous contraption.

It’s a New York City double-shot on October 22 at Lee’s Palace, with Longwave and Calla.

JAM! has an interview with the Jayhawks, in town tonight to play with Blue Rodeo. I’m missing that show, but aren’t sure where I stand on their October 13 show at Massey Hall opening for Lucinda Williams. I’m not really over the moon with World Without Tears, but she apparently puts on a barnburning show and has a terrific catalog of material to draw on. Tickets aren’t cheap, though. Still – I’ve never seen either artist live, and would like to. Update: Okay, Kyle sweet-talked me into it. We’re going to see Lucinda.

The Weakerthans snag to cover of NOW, with accompanying interview. Don’t forget their free show at the ElMo on Tuesday! I can’t go but if you can make it, you should. They’re a lot of fun live.

Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka? Seems like it could happen. It’s got my thumbs up.

There are new posters for Return Of The King. This one really doesn’t need any commentary… “Oh, Sam!” “Oh, Frodo!”

I’ve been getting shitloads of hits from google searches on “Neil Gaiman“, “1602” and “boycott”. Something going on that I don’t know about?

np – Luna / Bewitched

By : Frank Yang at 8:37 am
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  1. ryan says:

    1602 is Gaiman’s new marvel comic, came out last week. "boycott" i don’t know…

  2. Robert Duffy says:

    I read on Gaiman’s journal that there was a boycott of the comic.

    But can we just say a big FUCK YOU to anyone who has time to boycott a fucking comic book?

    Come on.

  3. Frank says:

    That’s absurd. It seems people object to the fact that the events in "1602" will actually affect the storylines in current ongoing titles? I hate to break it to anyone in support of this ‘boycott’, but continuity has NEVER been Marvel’s strong suit anyway. Take a look at the past, oh, 30 years of X-Men. Does ANY of that shit make sense? No. Whatever.

  4. marnanel says:

    Gaiman mentions a proposed boycott in his blog.