Friday, August 1st, 2003

All-Time Quarterback

I’m not a football fan. I don’t dislike the game at all (though the fans and surrounding culture is another story), and I understand the rules well enough to follow a game if I felt so inclined, but I don’t follow the sport at all. So when I found myself at my second-ever CFL game tonight with the BC Lions in town to face the Toronto Argonauts, it was mostly for something to do and to see my university friends who’d come into town for the game. As it turns out, though, I had a really good time and saw a very exciting match.

The Canadian Press does a much better job of reporting on the game, so I won’t try too hard. It started out looking like a rout of the Argos by the Lions, but the home team staged a pretty impressive comeback to put it into overtime (I didn’t even know football had overtime). In the extra frame, they traded field goals until the BC kicker inexplicably hooked a 19-yard field goal wide of the mark and gave the Argos a 28-26 win. Especially noteworthy was Toronto quarterback Damon Allen completing a 30-yard pass in the fourth quarter to give him more than 60,000 career yards – only the third player in professional football history to reach that mark. As I said, I don’t really know football, but I do know that Warren Moon and Dan Marino are pretty esteemed company. It was nice to be there for the moment, particularly since it came against Allen’s old team.

The halftime show was pretty curious. Some of the players from Evita, which has just rolled into town, came out and did a lip-synched dance routine. Because, as everyone knows, football and musical theatre go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Huh.

Yeah, I’m actually talking about football. How about that?

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By : Frank Yang at 11:35 pm
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  1. Paul Cox says:

    This is a major step for you, Frank. Too bad it was the CFL and not "real" football.

  2. Frank says:

    oh, you mean "real" football where they need FOUR downs to move the ball 10 yards? Blah blah blah.