Tuesday, July 29th, 2003

When Mute Tongues Can Speak

Stopped by Paul’s Boutique in the Market on the way home tonight to take a look around and talk keyboards with the proprietor. I don’t really know shit about keyboards, but I was enamored with a small combo organ they had that had a functioning set of drawbars! I’d never seen drawbars on smaller organs, it was pretty cool and sounded great. Someday, I will be able to walk out of there with an organ. They’ve always got a good range of stuff for under $500.

I was pleased to find used copies of The Posies’ Frosting On The Beater and The Tyde’s Twice. More pop! More pop!

The Toronto Interpol show has been moved from the Phoenix to the Kool Haus. Unfortunate.

MTV has the video for the Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham track “Night Nurse” here. It’s pretty. I still have to get this album.

Neil Gaiman talks about filmmaking, Miracleman and 1602. Some sketches from 1602.

The big Rolling Stones SARS-fest goes tomorrow, guaranteeing nightmarish commuting for anyone up in the north end of the city. Hell, fans are already lining up to get in even though show doesn’t start for another 14 hours. That’s hardcore. I wonder how much of a ghost town downtown will be? Deserted enough for me to take a stroll down Yonge St, brick in hand, for a little selective looting, perhaps…

That’s a joke, by the way, for the benefit of any law enforcement types who might be passing through.

np – Pernice Brothers / Live in Toronto, July 22, 2003

By : Frank Yang at 9:29 pm
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  1. derek martin says:

    if you’re talking about strolling downtown, i guess you’re NOT going to a/the concert? isn’t it your duty as a music junky or something? I mean, The Flaming Lips & Timberlake together at last! :P hehe

  2. Frank says:

    no way. The acts I’d want to see are getting 15 minutes to play. I’d have had to take the day off to get up there, and I’m not willing to put with all the transportation bullshit. And I’d be watching the whole thing on a giant tv screen anyway, so what’s the difference between going and staying home and watching the broadcast? No thanks.

  3. derek martin says:

    To my understanding, all the broadcasts suck. PLUS you didn’t get to see the hundreds of superhot chicks constantly flashing their breasts. PLUS you didn’t get to see Justin Timberlake get booed by 450,000 and hit by numerous of the hundreds of full bottles of water hurled at him. The Flaming Lips and Kathleen Edwards did rock.