Friday, July 11th, 2003

Tie A Rope To The Back Of The Bus

As feared, reviews of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen are harsh. Such disappointment. I will still venture out to see it when it hits the rep theatres (which shouldn’t be too long as it’ll likely disappear from the first-runs in short order), but I can’t justify paying regular theatre prices to see something that’s so universally panned. Well, there’s always Pirates Of The Carribean.

Everyone and I mean everyone is all up ons over Frank Black’s comment to the NME that “I do dream about the Pixies reunion I do have to say”, and that the four members still get together and jam in private. As well they should, a reunited Pixies would be majestic. Or at least not awful. I hope.

Fox is bringing Banzai back to North American television (CityTV ran the show back in the late summer of 2001), complete with the online interactive betting component. They’ve got the same cast and characters from the original show, but are they running the same episodes? Those of us who’ve seen it already know which old lady wins the Old Lady Wheelchair Chicken contest, and how many balloons it takes to lift the squirrel into the sky. A bit of an unfair advantage… But the show is riotous. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s on on Sunday at 8:30PM EST.

I am surprised how much I am enjoying the new Portastatic record. Absolutely stands up with the recent Superchunk stuff (and I really like the recent Superchunk stuff). They will be following up The Summer Of The Shark with a new EP in October, Autumn Was A Lark, featuring one new track, three covers, a full-band version of “In The Lines” and eight bonus tracks of radio sessions. A 13-track EP. Gotta say this about Mac – he knows how to provide good value.

np – Calexico / Feast Of Wire

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  1. Carla says:

    Yes you can bet I am paying full price to see Pirates of the Caribbean. OK maybe matinee price. It’s Johnny Depp in eyeliner being a hammy baddish guy. It’s at least worth $5. However, I can’t wait until LXG comes out on DVD just so I can see that guy with the big prosthetic torso. It looks hilarious.

    Banzai had a lot of weird celebrity cameos, usualy British ones. I wonder if they’ll have more washed-up American ones, like Willis Different Strokes. At least I think it was him.