Thursday, July 10th, 2003

Through A Rainy Lens

A curious little article on how your record collection reflects your personality. An interesting analysis, though their examples don’t offer me much to relate to. Which maybe says something about my personality… From TMFTML.

“Spiders” may well be one of the best songs Wilco – or anyone – has ever written. Find a live recording somewhere and then tingle in anticipation of Decibels Per Minute, or whatever the hell the new album is called whenever it’s released.

Billy Bragg talks about the Woody Guthrie travelling roadshow he’s bringing to the ElMo tomorrow night. Lotsa Woody is fine, Bill, but you better play “Levi Stubbs Tears” or there’s gonna be some ugliness.

Trying to learn Python is making my head spin juuuuust a little bit. It’s fun to be reminded that I’ve never taken a proper computer programming class. Objects? Classes? What?

np – Portastatic / The Summer Of The Shark

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